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8 Best Power Racks (Power Cage) For Home Gym – [2020 Reviews & Guide]

What makes your home or garage gym complete? It’s the best power rack! Yes, the power rack is the most essential piece of equipment in any home gym. While remaining fit stays an imperative need of the hour, there is no better way to achieve your fitness goals than setting up a home gym.

Thanks to the several compact, versatile, and affordable power cage home gym options available in the market, you can now easily add a power gym to your home/garage gym as per your needs. There is a range of power racks available in the market and you cannot just pick any random, without knowing how to make a perfect choice.

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There are plenty of benefits of working on the best power rack but if you did not pick the right one, the purchase will do more harm than good.    So, how will you choose the best power rack for your home gym?

Read the power rack reviews in this post and make the right buying decision. The review of the 8 best power racks mentioned below are very detailed and intentionally written to help novice buyers searching for a power rack. However, before we head to power rack reviews, let us first discuss what a power rack is and why should you get one.

What Are Power Racks and Why Should you get one for you?

Power Rack is a one-point solution for body strengthening workout. Using the best power rack, you can perform a range of exercises including Bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips, and squats and more.

The equipment not only makes it easy and convenient to perform these exercises but also add safety to your workout schedules. If you are into heavy lifts exercises, using one of the best power racks, safety is of great concern while you work on your body. Investing in the right rogue power rack will offer you peace of mind of having a safe space to perform rigorous exercises. 

8 Best Power Racks 2020 Reviews:


Rogue Power Racks are known for their quality and benefits. The ROGUE R-3 POWER RACK is a product from Rogue Infinity R-Series. This is one of the original offerings of the company featuring Westside pattern—1″ through the bench & clean pull zone, 2” spacing above and below. The inspiration source for the R-3 Power rack was the model that was used by champion powerlifters at Westside Barbell. 

Offering support and durability of top-notch, this power rack has proven its mettle over time and gained popularity amid both novice and professionals. The best feature of this power rack is that it has a very small footprint measuring 53” x 34”, making it a compact power rack to include in your home gym. The rack comprises 43” Fat/Skinny Pull-Up Bar paired with a set of Infinity J-Cups, Pin/Pipe Safeties, and Band Pegs. Moreover, you are allowed to customize the power rack, making it bespoke to your personal training requirements.

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2. REP PR-4000 Power Rack

Wondering which the best power rack for a home gym is? Well, we suggest putting your hard-earned money in buying the REP PR-4000 Power Rack. Heavy-duty construction, weighing 1,000 lb., this commercially rated power rack has spacing holes at a distance of 1 inch. Ideal for both home gyms and commercial gym facilities, this power rack is durable, affordable, and multiple benefits offering rogue power rack.

The key feature of this power rack is its uniquely designed base stabilizer which overcomes the need of bolting the unit to the floor. It can be customized, just like many other Rogue power racks. In particular, you can buy Front Foot Extensions if you want to use Spotter Arms outside the rack. It includes a belt squat, lever arms, and lat pulldown upright attachments which makes it a comprehensive solution for your exercise sessions. By working a little more on the rack, you can easily make provision for weight storage, pull-up bars, safeties such as pin-pipe, flip down, and strap safeties, and various j-cups.

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The machine is a revolution, although it shares the same footprint 2×3″ 11-gauge steel base and 48″ x 49″ footprint as the SML-2. However, it also comes with an additional set of 3×3” 11-gauge steel uprights and 17” cross members as a part of the back unit. This extra space can be utilized as storage capacity. You can also enjoy additional capacity equal to a foot and a half in the front for performing benching, rack pulls, etc.

Much like other products from Rogue, the power rack offers a customizing option.  It comes with the inclusion of Monster Lite J-Cup Pair as a default as well as 43” Single Skinny Pull-Up Bar. The height options are also diverse 70″, 90″ and 90″, 108″ front upright height.  

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4. T-3 Series Power Rack

T-3 Series is an extensive range of power racks offered by Titan Fitness and includes a range of gym equipment’s including Power Racks. The T-3 Series Tall Power Rack measures 24” in-depth and enables the user to perform squats, military press, bench press, curls, shrugs, dips, etc. more safely and efficiently. 

The machine comprises 2″ x 3″ steel tubes and two pull up bars with 2″ and 1.25″ diameter each. To enhance user safety, both the left and right sides of the power rack have spotter bars that hold the barbell efficiently. The power rack can be adjusted in 21 different positions to accommodate people of different heights and perform different exercises. It features a bolt-together construction which means that moving this rack from one room to another is very easy. Moreover, these power racks are available in 4 exciting colors, allowing you to pick your favorite.

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5. REP PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack

If you are considering buying an affordable power rack, look no further as REP PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack offers you all the best benefits of a power rack that is the most expensive. The most ideal home and garage gym this multi-functional power rack is trusted by many homeowners. The key features of the REP PR-1100 Home Gym Power Rack include Multi-Grip Pull-up Arch, Numbered Uprights, Plastic Lined J-Cups as well as Extended Safeties. 

Further, it comes with additional REP bench, barbell, and plates to make it one comprehensive set up to enjoy a range of exercises. You can include a number of accessories to the gym such as REP lat pull down and row attachment, dip handles, weight horns, and landmine. So, when you invest in this gym you can enjoy working on a perfect body by performing exercises cable shoulder raises, squats, and multi-grip pull up options.  

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6. X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Racks & Extensions

If you are an athlete or a lifter and are working on your body strengthening, this power rack is an ultimate investment. From the heavy-duty 11 gauge 3-in x 3-in uprights to flat foot design stabilizer, this power rack offers you great comfort as you work on your fitness goals. 

For enhanced strength and support, this power rack comes with double-sided gusset plates that lock the uprights in place. Other accessories included with the package are X-3 Series J-Hooks, one pair of pipe/pin safeties, 1.25-in, and 2-in pull up bars. The X-3 Series Flat Foot Power Racks is currently available in two different heights with extension options. The short power rack measures 82 inches and tall power rack measures 92-in. The extension options are 10-in and 24-in.

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7. Rogue RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0

One of the most striking customizable power rack available in the market the ROGUE RM-6 MONSTER RACK 2.0 is the best investment for professionals, beginner and athletes. The key feature that establishes as a unique entry in Power rack is its 3×3″ 11-gauge steel tubing which is significantly bigger than the competitors. 

It also has many other refined features such as over-sized 1″ hardware, and a bolt-together design. The keyhole pattern ensures high safety locking the barbell at its place. There are three different height options 90”, 100” and 108”.Finally, you can enjoy buying this power rack in your favorite color as it comes in various colors along with a customization option. 

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A great alternative for the expensive other Rogue power racks, this is equally efficient. You can install it as a stand-alone unit or make it a part of your assembly, this is a customizable power rack that offers you multi-fold benefits. The key features of the ROGUE HR-2 HALF RACK include a 2×3″ 11-gauge steel base and 48″ x 49″ footprint. 

While it is very similar to SML-2, its distinctive features like the 3×3” 11-gauge steel uprights and 17” cross members keep it apart. The power rack can be used for performing a range of exercises including benching, rack pulls, and more. If you want, you can install additional plate storage and pin/pipe safety sets.

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Factors to Consider while buying Power Racks for Your Home Gym

Considering the number of makes and models of a power rack in the market, it is normal for you to feel confused when you venture on buying a power rack. To make your decision-making process easier, besides writing the best power racks reviews, we have also added this buying guide. So, here are a few factors to consider while buying a Power Rack:

  • Number of increment:

An important factor, the number of increments decides the control you have over the rig. It offers you options of starting position as it makes possible easy precise training and isolation. 

  • Weight Plate Storage:

A standard feature of most power racks, weight plate storage is important to ensure your things can be stored easily. Check the strength, number and storage capacity of the weight storage as you will use it to store plates and weights of different shapes, weight and size.

  • Bar storage:

Much like weight storage, the bar storage keeps your bar at one place. You must use a range of bars and hence having enough space to store them is important.

  • Band pegs:

To enjoy versatility in lifting, make sure the power rack you buy has small pegs at the top and bottom which can be used to attach power bands. This will help you enhance the resistance level of your exercise session making it more intense and result oriented.

  • J-Hooks and Pull-up bars:

If you want to enjoy pull-ups/chin-ups you need high-quality Pull-up bars and similarly, the J-Hooks must be sturdy and of premium quality.

Power rack vs squat rack vs half-rack?

Often gym enthusiasts get confused with the many terms and items available or home gym settings. Some of such commonly misinterpreted and quite ambiguous words are power rack, squat rack, and half-rack.  We have decoded these items for you in detail below:

  • Power Rack

Also known as Cage, Power Rack is very similar to a Half-Rack. But, when it comes to stability and safety this variant knows no competition. Thanks to its cage design, it is much safer to use for an intense workout session. There are dual columns at the front and back which are supported by horizontal bars top and bottom. The higher stability content allows you to work on more intense exercises and handle heavy weights easily. You also get additional space and the option of adding many more accessories.

  • Squat Rack

Squat Rack is also known as Squat stand and is a very compact support device that you can use to performexercises. A very portable and lightweight rack, it allows you to get better support. It sits at your shoulder height. The arms of the squat rack can be shifted up and down to adjust thisbar height and the position of the J-Hook. The comfort and adjustability quotient of this rack is appreciable. Squats are a great exercise for strengthening your lower body muscles and with squat racks, it becomes more effective.

  • Half-rack

The first every conventionally recognized rack, Half-rack is known for its high adjustability, safety quotient, and overhead bar for pull-ups and band attachments. Making a small footprint, the rack allows you to great independence of lifting. It has a great increment option which allows you to position the J-hooks and safety bars precisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q) What type of exercises can I perform using a Power Rack?

With the best Power Racks available in the market, you can perform a range of weight lifting exercises. Some of the basic exercises you can perform on a Power Rack include:

  1. Squats.
  2. Deadlifts.
  3. Bench presses.
  4. Rows.
  5. Overhead press.
  6. Pull-ups.
  7. Dips.
  • Q) What are the different racks options available in the market?

There are endless options, enough to confuse you as you venture to buy a Power Rack. The key options include:

  1. Squat stands with spotters
  2. Wall-mounted Power Racks
  3. Half Rack
  4. Power Rack
  • Q)Why should I use a Power Rack?

Using a power rack offers you a range of benefits. You can work on your physique. Have great workouts without using a range of equipment. You can work effectively on a range of body parts including legs, core, arms, shoulders and more.

  • Q)What are the key power rack brands?

There is a range of Power Rack brands that are credible, including:

  1. Rogue
  2. Rep Fitness
  3. Titan Fitness
  4. OneFitWonder
  5. American Barbell
  • Q)What is a cage nut?

The cage nuts are used in rack angles with square mounting holes. In construction, they are square nut wrapped in a spring metal cage and appear bigger than normal nuts. 

  • Q)What is mounting depth?

Often confused with overall rack depth with inclusion of the door, mounting depth is the measurement of the dimension from the front point of the front rack to the back point of the back rack angle.

Final Verdict

Power Racks indeed are a great addition to your home gym as well as commercial gym setups. Highly stable and safe, the power rack allows you to perform a range of exercises, working on different parts of your body. The modern power racks are loaded with features as well as accessory addition options to make the power rack more personal. 

The best brands come up with customization option and hence you can enjoy your way of exercising. While all the Power Racks mentioned in this post are the best power racks in the market, we personally recommend REP PR-4000 Power Rack. Affordable, customizable and sturdy, the Power Rack is a perfect investment. From the barbell option as well as the option to add more space, you can make the Power Rack fit your needs. 

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